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Closing to be handled by a licensed attorney. Full payment is due prior to transfer. I OWN EACH OF THE PROPERTIES LISTED ABOVE.  I AM  NOT A BROKER. I GUARANTEE clear and marketable title to every property I sell. Closing costs are $399, which include Escrow, Deed preparation, recording fees, and resort notification of transfer of ownership. There is also a resort transfer fee of $100 If the 2011 week is still available, Purchaser will also be responsible for reimbursement of 2011 maintenance fees (between $690-$880) which will be prepaid for you as part of closing for 2011. Once you decide to purchase, an invoice will be sent through PayPal with a breakdown of costs and it will contain all of the terms of the transaction. You can pay invoice through PayPal, with a credit card or print invoice and mail a check.  You don't have to have a PayPal account to pay online, all you need is a valid credit card.  Also call me at 281-513-8809 about possible same as cash 0% Owner Financing. Everyone is approved.  No credit check required.

 About Payment

Total monies due = Price +      $399 (Closing Costs) + $100(resort transfer fee)+ $690-$880)(2011 maintenance fee reimbursment, if applicable) 

If you would like more information on the resort please contact me via email ( or via phone @ 281-513-8809

Please note this is a reseller of Orange Lake Deeds.  This is not the resort.(See * at the bottom of the page) 

 All inquiries will be responded to within 3 business hours.  If you are new to Timeshares, please perform your due diligence prior to purchasing.


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